Meeting with the Foundation

If the project outlined in the proposal letter appears to fit the Foundation's grant making plans, you will be asked to meet with staff. This meeting may be a site visit at your organization or a meeting at the Foundation office.

The purpose of this meeting allows staff to gain more information about your project and your organization. These meetings will be initiated by the Foundation office.

While we recommend that you limit the number of people at such meetings, the people who attend should both represent the organization's commitment to the project and also have the information to answer questions we may pose.

Key representatives may include a member of the board, the executive director, and key program staff. The Foundation would prefer no more than three representatives as it facilitates better discussion. 

The questions that may be asked will relate both to the project and to the organization.
Project questions may include:

  • What is the timeline of the project?
  • What area will it serve?
  • What need or opportunity does the project address?
  • What is your progress towards raising the needed funds?
Organizational questions may include:

  • What are your other programs and who do they serve?
  • What is your annual operating budget?
  • What sources compose that budget?
  • If this project is ongoing, how will you sustain it?