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Grant Giving

The Ben B. Cheney Foundation makes grants in certain communities in Washington, Oregon, and the northernmost portion of California.

Within those communities the Foundation will respond to a wide variety of projects. The Foundation’s main goal is to support projects that help to improve the quality of life in those communities.

There are three key elements of our grant process to keep in mind;

  • Geography
    It is important to review our geographic giving areas before crafting a letter of inquiry.
  • Type of Grant
    The Foundation prefers to focus on project grants. This allows us to respond to a variety of one-time needs above and beyond an organization’s annual operating budget.
  • Process
    Every request to the Foundation begins with a letter of inquiry, whether from a new organization or a past grantee.

Before applying, learn more about what we look for and how the Foundation might respond to your request.

How We Give


Ben Cheney had a significant interest in supporting youth and youth athletics through his philanthropy. The Ben B. Cheney Foundation continues his legacy by awarding one scholar athlete from each of the 32 high schools in Pierce County, and one from Ben’s hometown, South Bend, each year.

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