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Internships | Pierce Co., WA

Since our inception, supporting the education of young people to help them succeed in life has been a core value of the Cheney Foundation. Degrees…

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Sewer Replacement | Belfair, WA

Sometimes the most important things aren’t visible. Or glamorous. But they are critical to an organization’s success. Replacing a sewer system at an outdoor camp…

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Maker Space | Lacey, WA

The energy of entrepreneurialism is all around us. The surge of creative solutions, creative ideas, pop-up stores, market booths, and do-it-yourself projects is inspiring for…

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SimBaby | Redding, CA

Pre-Covid, we knew there was a looming healthcare provider shortage. Our communities did not have enough nursing staff to meet the growing demands of an…

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Financial Counseling | Pierce Co., WA

The Cheney Foundation has long been a fan of those organizations that develop new and innovative approaches to community problems. One such organization doing outstanding…

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New Roof | Puyallup, WA

The lack of affordable housing is a topic of many conversations from first-time home buyers to those seeking to mitigate the growing crisis. We all…

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