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credit: HfH website
As fewer and fewer buildable lots became available in the city, Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity began larger projects on undeveloped land. In 2012 Habitat began the Woods at Golden Givan, a 30-home enclave. 

A key to making this a community was dedicating a portion of the site to a recreation area and a community building—the Common House—serving children, families, and the community as a whole.
As a center for community meetings, trainings, and celebrations the Common House is a vital place that makes Golden Givan a community rather than a collection of houses.


Holmes Park House will be southern Oregon's first hospice home for those who can no longer stay in their own home as they face terminal illness.

Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice has a long history of supporting hospice programs throughout the region. But these were hospice services helping people remain in their own homes. But for many people there comes a time when they can no longer care for themselves, they may not have family able to help, or they reach a point in their illness where oral pain medications no longer control pain. 

in those cases, being admitted to the hospital is the only resource when a community does not have an inpatient hospice program. Holmes Park House will meet that need with a 12-bed facility serving southern Oregon. 

Holmes Park House was built in 1939 by Harry Holmes of the Harry and David company. A large potion of the original estate was give to the City of Medford for a large park. The original house and 1.6 acres has been renovated and add on to create the new hospice home. 


Meals on wheels 1

Aging in place is a common issue for rural communities and the weekly contact of Meals on Wheels can be a lifeline for both good nutrition as well as  a senior's outlook on life.

Mercy Foundation North supports the work of Meals on Wheels in the far north of California. This new vehicle serves northern Redding and rural areas around Shasta Lake. In 2013 Meals on Wheels served over 70,000 meals to 520 homebound seniors throughout Shasta County.