Grants that share our approach to grant making


Coastal Harvest
The Foundation's support of Coastal Harvest is an example of how the Foundation sees its role supporting communities in Coastal and SW Washington. Since 1999 the Foundation has made grants of just over $150,000 for key equipment and the new distribution center.

Coastal Harvest delivers food to over 50 food banks, senior centers, tribal centers and feeding programs in Grays Harbor, Pacific, Lewis, Thurston, Jefferson and Wahkiakum counties. All this is done with no charge to the local food banks due to the support of generous individual donors and grants from organizations like the Cheney Foundation. The new semi-tractor shown here replaced an aged vehicle that was no longer reliable or affordable to operate. The grant for this vehicle will help Coastal Harvest to keep supporting those food programs throughout coastal and southwest Washington.


KIDs unlimited
KIDS Unlimited serves young people, primarily from Medford's west side, and provides them through the involvement of caring, committed leaders and structured programs. Their goal is to provide "...opportunities instead of obstacles." Support from the Foundation complemented the enthusiastic community support to create a great facility for many community activities, including a city-wide basketball league. 


Meals on wheels 1

Aging in place is a common issue for rural communities and the weekly contact of Meals on Wheels can be a lifeline for both good nutrition as well as  a senior's outlook on life.

Mercy Foundation North supports the work of Meals on Wheels in the far north of California. This new vehicle serves northern Redding and rural areas around Shasta Lake. In 2013 Meals on Wheels served over 70,000 meals to 520 homebound seniors throughout Shasta County.