Grant Reports

When the Foundation makes a grant a check is sent with a transmittal letter. The representative of the grantee organization (generally the executive director) is asked to both sign and initial the transmittal letter (and make a copies as needed for the organization’s files) and return the original letter to the Foundation. That signed letter constitutes an agreement that:

  • The organization acknowledges receiving the grant,
  • The grant will be spent for the purposes outlined in the grant application, and
  • The organization will report on the grant every six months until the project is completed.
Reports should reflect the progress or completion of the entire project as outlined in the grant

Reports can be a key way to build a relationship with a funder. We ask for reports, every six months until the project is completed, in the form of a letter. This format allows the organization to tell its story. 

Reports should highlight the progress toward the goals of the project as well as update the income and expenditures to date. 

Final reports are also an opportunity to share lessons learned. This benefits both the Foundation, as we may use the information as we work with similar projects in the future, and the grantee as it is a time to assess the actual events as compared to the plan laid out in the grant application. 

Click here to download a copy of our reports document. 

Online Reporting

Our new online reporting makes it easier to provide updates on your grant. Please use this link to go to the online portal at: