Proposal Letters

The Foundation's application process always begins with a two- to three-page proposal letter. The process is the same for past grantees and new grant seekers.

Your letter should be saved or scanned as a PDF file and uploaded to our grant site:

Ben B. Cheney Foundation Online portal

The proposal letter should summarize a fully developed proposal. It should be complete enough to convince the Foundation that the proposal is worthy of further investigation.

The proposal letter should inform the Foundation about the opportunity or problem to be addressed and convince the Foundation that your organization can implement the project. Further, it should make clear how the project, if implemented, would produce positive results for the community.

Letters should be addressed to:

Bradbury F. Cheney
Executive Director
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
3110 Ruston Way, Suite A
Tacoma, WA 98402-5307

There are no deadlines. The Foundation accepts proposal letters throughout the year. While the Foundation responds promptly to inquiries, it may take six to nine months from the receipt of a proposal letter to consideration of a grant application by the Board of Directors.

Letters must include - either on the letterhead or within the body of the letter - the name of the organization, its mailing address, phone number with area code, and the name and title of the organization's director.

The proposal letter should concisely relate:

  • The applicant organization's history, mission and scope of operations.
  • A summary of the proposal, including the total budget.
  • A request for a specific amount of money.
  • A plan for how other support will be raised.
  • A statement of how grant money will be used.

The Foundation reviews all proposal letters and responds to each according to the Foundation's interests and priorities. Proposal letters that interest the Foundation will result in a staff contact for an office meeting or a site visit. If the office meeting or site visit confirms the Foundation's original interest in the project, an application will be provided along with guidance on deadlines for submitting the application.

You may download a Model Proposal Letter by clicking this link or going to the Helps page. 

For more information you may email us at: