What we give to

The Foundation is open to a wide variety of programs serving the communities where we give. If you have any questions about the eligibility of your community or the Foundation's level of giving in your community, please see our Where we give page.

Project Grants

The Foundation prefers to fund projects that:

  • develop new and innovative approaches to community problems
  • expand existing programs to serve more people and/or areas
  • start new programs
  • invest in equipment or facilities that will have a long-lasting impact on community needs

Project grants are generally given on a one-time basis. The Foundation will evaluate an organization's plans for sustaining the impact of project grants, especially those for program expansion or starting new programs. That evaluation will include these questions:

  • Are there identified sources of support capable of sustaining the program?
  • Is the organization committed to a strategy to gain those sources of support?
  • Does the project plan include activities towards gaining that sustainability?

While the Foundation understands that fund raising is a part of most organizations budgets, we feel that this approach allows us to respond to needs that go above and beyond the annual operating budget. As a result, projects for one-time capital or equipment needs often gain priority. 

Through this approach the Foundation is able to make grants to a number of first time grantees every year. Since 1975 the Foundation has supported over 1,200 organizations.

Program Areas

The Foundation organizes its grant making into eight categories. They are displayed here for information purposes only. The Foundation does not budget to categories in advance and grant seekers are not required to apply by category.

Charity - Programs providing for basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing.

Civic - Programs improving the quality of life in a community as a whole such as museums and recreation facilities.

Culture - Programs encompassing the arts.

Education - Programs supporting capital projects and scholarships, primarily for six pre-selected colleges and universities with a record of service to Pierce County.

Elderly - Programs serving the social, health, recreational, and other needs of older people.

Health - Programs related to providing health care.

Social Services - Programs serving people with physical or mental disabilities or other special needs.

Youth - Programs helping young people to gain the skills needed to become responsible and productive adults.