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New Production Equipment | Tacoma, WA

As the role of media continues to evolve and populations increase, it is critical to maintain community-based storytelling at the most localized levels. The South…

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New Radios | Pierce Co., WA

Created in 1969, German Shepherd Search Dogs (GSSD) is the oldest existing K9 Search and Rescue organization in the United States. It was an outgrowth…

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New Medical Vehicle | Pierce Co., WA

The medical system in America is under tremendous strain. Staffing shortages, individuals in desperate need of immediate care for complex health challenges, and reduced reimbursement…

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New Van | Tacoma, WA

“The power of One” is keenly portrayed in the life of Merle Palmer. A WWII navy veteran, in the confines of the ship he noticed…

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New Tractor | Jacksonville, OR

Located on 55 acres in Oregon’s beautiful Applegate Valley, Sanctuary One was established in 2007 as the nation’s first care farm. The Sanctuary is unique…

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Building Renovations | Morton, WA

It seems like individuals have a renewed appreciation for the opportunities to gather in community spaces. Going to the movies. Hosting festivals and fairs. Attending…

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